Saturday, January 22, 2022
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The XRP community has been backing the digital asset and the platform regardless of the protocol’s hardships. The community is arguably one of the firmest and undeterred ones in the cryptosphere. The collective effort of the holder’s firm stance has been helping the network shrug off the predicaments coming along its way. 

Meanwhile, the XRP holders get to rejoice over another incoming airdrop, which this time around is from Sologenic. On the other hand, the XRP community is looking forward to backing from Tesla co-founder Elon Musk. As the XRP community and Elon Musk share similar dislikes in interest. 

An Exclusive Airdrop For The XRP Holders? 

  Sologenic is an asset trading industry that trades with tokenized securities, crypto assets and NFTs. Sologenic has made announcements that its SOLO tokens will be available on Binance. Which will support the SOLO airdrop for all XRP holders. With more exchanges joining the league in the next couple of days.

Sologenic aims to bridge the gap between traditional financial markets and cryptocurrencies. SOLO coins are issued on the XRP ledger, with a total supply of 400,000,000 coins to be available. Which is expected to be influential for XRP at utilitarian fronts. 

Another expected airdrop by the XRP holders is of Coreum (CORE). Flare’s Songbird airdrop for XRP holders has received little limelight in the bustle of Ripple’s legal brawl against the U.S SEC. However, NEXO had earlier made announcements that the XRP community will be receiving ExFI and Songbird airdrops at once. 

Are Whales Nearing The Seashore? 

 Whales have been transferring behemoth amounts of XRP tokens off-late. As per Whale Alert, an anonymous wallet address transferred 229,610,300 XRP from one unknown wallet to another unknown wallet, the previous day. A transfer sees 15,000,000 XRP moving from Bithumb to an unknown wallet. Another transfer registered 100,000,000 XRP moving from an unknown wallet to Bithumb. 

The XRP community is hoping to receive support from the Tesla co-creator Elon Musk. As Elon Musk and the XRP community share similar dislikes, that is against the SEC. He could possibly back XRP as it is one of the most energy efficient network’s in the industry. Environment has been an imperative reason for Tesla withdrawing Bitcoin acceptance.

Collectively, the number of airdrops hold the potential to reinforce the XRP holders. They have been in the quest for perks, as the price action of XRP has been bland. Elon Musk backing XRP could influx new investors to the chain, while giving a proactive stance in Ripple lawsuit against the U.S SEC. 

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