Friday, January 28, 2022
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It is that time of the year again when the world is full of enthusiasm and joy. The streets have been embellished with lighting, Christmas trees, ornaments, and more. The world of cryptos is no different as the market seems to have caught the wind of the Christmas vibes. Wherefore, digital assets have been portraying appealing numbers.

The interests of folks from the town are now more inclined towards NFTs. As search analytics on browsers now weighs heavier with NFTs than with cryptos. The NFTs from Solana’s stable have been making a presence across public platforms off-late. The perks of the protocol have been the USP for NFTs built on the platform.

Solana’s Dominion In The NFT Provine 

Solana has been accelerating since its inception, early last year. From hardly any NFT since mid-year, the project hosts a plethora of NFT collectibles. The launch of the Metaplex NFT marketplace has taken space by storm. Top NFT marketplaces include Metaplex, Solanalysis, Solanart, Magic Eden, Solsea, DigitalEyes Market, amongst others.

Solana has been witnessing a spur in newer NFT projects, and big names venturing into the platform for NFTs and NFT platforms. Which CoinPedia had previously covered. The influx has been primarily because of the network’s scalability, faster and cheaper transactions.

Numerous projects have been airdropping NFTs like Refined Apes amongst others. The protocol also hosts projects such as Sacramento Kings, Crypto Pets, Space runners, amongst others. Metaverse NFT fashion brands like Space Runners could influence bigger consumer brands to make their way to Solana’s ecosystem. 

Earlier Mini Royale Nations had claimed the pinnacle with two million players after the launch of Non-fungible tokens. The firm has been receiving fundings and interests from individuals and corporations. Solana ventures have also set apart a fund tallying $150 Million for gaming projects. Which illustrates the prospects of the space. 

Collectively, Solana has been evolving as the go-to protocol for adoptions and integrations for the perks that the protocol offers. The emerging sectors of metaverse and gaming have been stimulants for the spike in NFT’s popularity. SOL at press time is trading at $190.03 which is up by 6.1%. With more adoptions in place, we can expect a bullish surge by 40% in the near future.

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