Friday, January 28, 2022
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Kadena(KDA) Primed to Hit $20 Soon

Kadena(KDA) price remained more uncertain since the beginning of December trade. And hence maintained a narrow swing within a very narrow range. However, the beginning of the previous week turned out to be pretty bullish for the asset as it flipped the bearish divergence at once. Yet the trend may be extremely bullish if the KDA price successfully attains certain levels. 

Currently, the KDA price is testing the immediate resistance levels at $16 and experiencing a slight pullback. However, it is maintaining within the crucial resistance levels and hence the possibility of a healthy uptrend is still intact. However, the crucial levels reside around $20 which may re-ignite the bull rally beyond $30. 

V-Shaped Recovery Uplifted Ziliqa(ZIL) Price 

Ziliqa price manifested a gigantic rally since the beginning of 2021 and smashed its highs above $0.26 within no time. However, the famous May-crash declined the price more than 75%, adding the vanished zero back to the price. Ever since the trend flipped from the bearish well, it maintained a consistent rally until the first week of September. However, the bears yet again gained back the control and squeezed the price yet again. 

The ZIL price recorded a ‘V-shaped’ recovery, and broke through the descending triangle. Yet the asset needs to close the daily trade above the resistance levels, and this is when the bulls may enter the ring. However, the crucial resistance lies around $0.089, attaining by which the rally could eliminate the gained zero. Moreover, the levels above $0.14 could re-ignite the bull rally that could uplift the price close to $0.2 yet again. 

Theta (THETA) Price Appears Bullish Yet Still Remains Bearish

The 2021 bull rally since the beginning of March 2021 surged from $4 to as high as $16 within a month and attracted more strong hands towards the platform. Ever since then the price trended within a descending channel and followed a notable downtrend. Yet a breakout is not expected in short term as the trend is yet to reach its apex. 

Despite the asset is atempitng a ‘V-shaped’ recovery, yet the a notable breakout may not be in place still. The formation of lower highs and lows are expected to continue for a couple of days more. As the trend reaches its apex, the asset may tend to pull the next leg, more probably towards the north. The crucial resistance levels lies around $7 which could resume with the uptrend shortly

Collectively, the top gainers for today performed well compared to the traditional cryptos within the top 10. Therefore after a huge rally, these asset either may experience slight exhaustion and drop a little, else maintain with the uptrend to reach the immediate resistance levels. 

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